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The Most Important Thing for Writing Email Sequences That Convert

how to write email sequences

Maybe you already use email sequences in your business and you’re hoping to learn how to improve them. Or maybe you’re sitting there wondering, ‘Ummm, what are email sequences again?’

Don’t worry — at one point I had no idea what they were and NOW people pay me to write them. Whether you’re a veteran email marketer and just need to touch up your game, or you’re thinking to yourself, “So, I know that it’s a sequence of emails….” — I’ve got you!

There are a variety of types of email sequences, but the basic idea is that you send out an automated series of emails to people on your list.

Example Email Sequence Types

  • A welcome sequence is a series of emails that goes out to someone after they sign up for your mailing list.
  • A launch sequence is a series of emails that warms people up to new products or services you might offer.

Sounds simple, right? But they can get pretty overwhelming. There’s a bit of an art to writing emails that connect with your audience and sell at the same time.  No one wants to be that person that adds to the noise of this busy world, sending out spammy emails that just announce ‘buy me!!’.  Ewww — don’t do that.

Who doesn’t love a good
Schitt’s Creek gif?

You want your emails to be something YOUR PEOPLE love to open.

I emphasize your people because the right clients for you might be VERY different from your business bestie over in Kalamazoo. You want to always be writing to the people YOU want to attract.

So, HOW do you do that?

YOUR PEOPLE very likely have a lot in common. Not everything of course, but if you think of the things that unite them as you write to that one REAL person, you’ll write better emails and you’ll attract the right kind of clients.

Start by thinking about the struggles your audience have and then give them something in your emails that will HELP them.  Now, I’m not talking about giving away your trade secrets but you definitely want to provide your people with things they’ll find useful so they’ll continue opening and reading your emails.

How do you know what they’ll find valuable?  You ask them!  Reach out to a few past clients and ask what they would have found most helpful before they worked with you.  Your fans are your biggest resource!

There’s a lot more to writing a good email sequence, but the fundamental element is a connection to your audience. And the best way you can do that is by helping them.

Do you want to learn more about email sequences?  Leave a comment below with your email address or reach out to me directly and I’ll send you my Email Sequence Crash Course . . . via email of course!

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