Castle Video Tours Along the Rhine River in Germany

Video Tours Rhine River Castles
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I had so much video footage from the different castles we visited along the Rhine River in Germany, so I put them all together, and voila 💫 — here we are! If you’d like to learn more about each castle, check out my post 5 Days in Bacharach, Germany on the Rhine River.

Video Tour of Eltz Castle

Video Tour of Reichenstein Castle

Video Tour of Rheinfels Castle

Views from Sooneck Castle

We loved our stay in Bacharach, Germany so much more than we were expecting. I even surprised myself by loving the castles as much as I did. I thought after seeing one or two, I’d be over it but they never got old. (Pun definitely intended. Because they do get old. You see what I did there? Wah wah.)

But soon, it was time to hit the road again. Onward!

Up next: Utrecht, The Netherlands just outside of Amsterdam.

This is part of a series about our Winters Family Summer Adventure through Italy and beyond. You can start from the beginning of the blog series here.

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