Morning Walks With Molly — Bacharach, Germany

Morning Walks With Molly
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If you’ve been following along with our wild summer adventure, then you know that I loved my morning walks. We stayed in Bacharach, Germany for five days and this time I have two Morning Walks With Molly videos for ya!

The first video is longer and includes a tour of Stahleck Castle on the hillside above the town.

The next video comes from the opposite hillside above the town, where grape vines and beautiful views surround narrow pathways to the top.

At this point in the trip, I began taking more and more videos. That means I have one more blog post about Bacharach and the surrounding area because I want to show you around a few of the castles. Click below to read the next post!

Up next: Video Castle Tours.

This is part of a series about our Winters Family Summer Adventure through Italy and beyond. You can start from the beginning of the blog series here.

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